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River of Life Full Gospel Outreach Church


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826 Haywood Road
Asheville, NC 28806
(828) 255-8480


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1 review for River of Life Full Gospel Outreach Church

River of Life Full Gospel Outreach Church
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hello. I have been listening to your show's scence I have heard that the Mayor is now attending your church. I am so glad that she is seeking the lord for, she has done things she is truly wrong for. I tried to get help for wrong doing's that had been done to me and, thought, through several corrispondence with the Mayor that she was a carring person, only to fine the opposite? she went along with an attempt on my life which was reported to the current Police Chief. I paid a heavy price for foolishness that should have never taken place and she truned on me and sadly enough truned on me. her staement to me was to get elected, which I knew she would be anyway. It came as a shock to me, but I let it go, and went on. I had been approached by Mumpower and Dunn as to her brothers activities and they wanted me to speak aginst her. I would not do that due to me not Knowing her brother nor his ilegal act, had nothing to do with what I had come to get help with. I don't feel that it is appropriate to connect her brothers dealings and her deallings together as they are two different entities. I am a surporter of change in the Asheville area, but I see it can be a deadly thing to deal with here. If you can't get justice for wrong doing's here. and those who we elect feel , as The Police cheif stated to me. to get and keep people from comming to counel on their matters the sometime's break the law. That is a sad state of affairs and a sorry poor excuse. for what is surpose to be a legal right. when jaye siltzer and I talked a week after the first part of the threat was given by Mrs. Burloson. to me a graffic statement, given while Mumpower and Dunn stood on the otherside of the hall looking on. he did not know what was going down. he spoke to me of how the city was going to take care of me? I didn't bust his bubble, I just stated no, I don't belive that will be taknig place. then weeks later my nefew went off on a phycotic trip and told me he wanted mumpower, that he needed him and I called and asked that he see him and he did. while having that conversation he asked me to place a sticker in surport of him and I agreed.(some people have some nerve!) I went and at that next meeting which was held in the downstairs meeting room, I went out to make a call and your Belove'd Mayor had the gaurd on duty call in on me, but decide to call him off, while I was standing there. It was clear that she is worse that her brother and would stoop to murder for the Mayor's seat. I want you to Pray for her. and ther maybe some hope for her, God will not reword that behavior, at least mine won't. Christina West , and Dena Bierden speak hilly of you and dena sends me some of you sermons to my my space. I listen, but don't and won't go to a church where I know satan can get recognition, for deeds the minister doesn't know anything about. If the Mayor is true she will ask for forgiveness, and repent. I belve throught listening to your last sermon you are speaking to her, but you both don't know it, you are good, keep up the good works every sinner need and will be forgiven,a job only the lord can do, maybe throuh you ? Joepat65@gmail is my email address.

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I wish to reply to your comments about River of Life International. Although I am in agreement with you that River of Life is a wonderful ministry, I do not feel that your personal feelings about the Mayor of Asheville should have anything to do with her church. Although I may not agree with the politics of Asheville or with Mayor Bellamy, I do not believe in mixing politics with my faith. There are other political forums you should use to voice your opinions.
Although it's true that the Lord will forgive sinners, we should also forgive others. We are all sinners and I would certainly hope I am forgiven for my sins as well. I also attend The River of Life and I am glad to see our mayor in church on Sundays. She has plenty to deal with and I pray for her.
I will also pray for you and forgive you for not using spell check.


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