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The Academy of Asheville


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104 Peachtree Rd
Asheville, NC 28803
(828) 277-0062


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4 reviews for The Academy of Asheville

The Academy of Asheville
George W. Send private message

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Our child is an exceptional student in school (now in the second grade) and looking back on his years at the academy, I realize he had a headstart on most kids. The structure, transition to different classrooms of study, and the work of the teachers one-on-one, combined with the fun and play of being a kid in a group of kids and not always the center of attention, made the transition to kindergarten an uneventful task, other than my wife crying because one of our kids was growing up.

In his first year of kindergarten, we were asked by parents over and over where he went to preschool, but more importantly, we were asked by his teachers within the first two weeks of his schooling. This biggest concern we dealt with was keeping him challenged, so he would not get bored. I don't feel like anything special was provided for him at the Academy that was not provided for other kids. I also do not feel he is a supersmart kid that loves to learn. The structure just really seemed to get the most out of his development and growth.

I recommend this daycare everytime someone asks me if I know of a good daycare. I also have no affiliation with this daycare or any relationship with it or its owners and employees, whatsoever.

The Academy of Asheville
MOMOF2 Send private message

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I simply love this school. My second child is about to leave The Academy and it was so well worth it!!! They really prepare them for the next step. Its a great place!

The Academy of Asheville
fair parent Send private message

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look one phrase summon my review on this day care , Peace of Mind. we are a very picky parents and have only one child , we always choose for him the best in town in everything and this is the best in town day care. Do not read comments go and visit the facility your self , it is nothing less than a 5 stars day care. I just feel the unjustice of the original comment, even a public school in down town detroit will get more than one star????. anyway if u need my phone number just let me know and I can tell you all about this great day care

The Academy of Asheville
Onechunk Send private message

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Management is not upfront with new parents on applicable fees and when they are due and how often; not honest regarding how many days of the year they are closed, which is 3.5 weeks in addition to 12 holidays.

There is a parent handbook, but you can't rely on it to be accurate.

Daily lunches for the children are sliced lunch meat with vegetables, except for Fridays when chicken nuggets are served. Doesn't sound too thrilling to me, but I guess kids will eat anything when 15 other kids are eating the same thing.

Turnover rate of staff is not the most impressive.

They boast a school-type curriculum with classes in Math, Science, Art, Phonics, Printing and Music. However, every time I dropped by the children were either randomly playing or sitting in a circle waiting to change class. The children from age 2 1/2 and up change class every 45 minutes so they are taught to stand in line and walk to class in an orderly fashion (that's about the only good thing I have to say about this facility).

They are not inspected by State of NC Child Development Services therefore they only receive a one star rating. Since they are not inspected by the state you cannot make any complaints with the state regarding how they conduct business.

If you can put up with the constantly changing fees and when they are due and how often, then go for it. Otherwise, steer clear. Opt for a state inspected facility instead with at least a 3 star rating.

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This place is fantastic! All three of my children have attended and we have always been thrilled. We know families whose children attend presently, as well as over the recent years. Food served is very nutrious! The employees are well trained, sweet and have been there for several years. The curriculum is fun and impressive, all three of mine were writing their name, recognized their numbers up to 75, one up to 100, and writing their first and last name before going to school. The Academy is inspected by NC and carry a great repuation with them. The Academy is above board with all questions and I've never met anyone who was even the slightest bit unhappy. They've closed the same holidays for many years now, most of which we all have off. Tuition only increases once each year, as most places do. They've been in business for seventeen or so years, with two hundred HAPPY children! And HAPPY parents too!


We enjoy having our children at the Academy. We really enjoy how the facility is nut free and very accomodating with our child's peanut allergy. The bottom line is, when you ask the kids about the Academy, they smile and can't wait to go!


I am a very chipset parent and selective in the care for my child. I'm not certain when your child attended but most of what I see in your post is false. I have dropped in to the school during their scheduled lunch time and they recieve a full and balanced lunch. The kids are thrilled with the chicken nuggets on Friday as well.

There are unexpected fees and I will admit the amount of time they are closed throughout theyear with expected full tuition cost is frustrating to me as a wworking parent. That being said I have checked with the state board and they are a fully licensed Venter with a 5 star rating so I'm unsure where your info regarding that comes from.


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